Swing Door Operator

The New Generation of door automations the first energy saving automations that guarantee a 54% reduction in electricity assumption


The use of Euro design brushless motors instead of conventional DC motors with brush commutation increases efficiency by 30% and reduces electricity consumption.

The brushes are the component that is mostly subject to wear in a DC motor. The brushless motor, that has by definition no brushes and operates at a low speed of approximately 600 rpm, can be classified as a type of motor with no wear. Its service life is almost ten times longer compared to those of conventional DC gear motors and the frequency of maintenance is drastically reduced.

The lack of brushes makes these motors very silent. The exclusive, patented position of the Hall sensor in the motor makes it compact in size and highly functional and protects it from accidental breakage caused by clumsy external actions.

The Brushless motor is connected to the gear unit through a belt in order to obtain a high force to move heavy doors very silently.

The reduction gear unit has two springs that ensure the closing of the door even in the absence of power Supply. The big spring is designed to be highly performing and compact. It operates during the whole movement of the door to guarantee the mechanic closing with a safe and smooth movement. The small spring operates only on the final 6′ of the closing to guarantee a higher force on the final stage of the process facing eventual resistances caused by locks or by the wind.


The new generation electronic control unit, with a high potential for expansion, has the following main characteristics.

Extended range power supply 100-240 V (50/60 Hz) with switch mode technology to guarantee a 15% increase in efficiency and a reduction of energy consumption.

Operating parameters can be adjusted and diagnostic information can be read on an alphanumeric display. Supplied with standard mode parameters to make the door operational without having to make any adjustments. However, all the parameters can be adjusted to meet your specific needs.

Separated terminals blocks dedicated for each accessory that make the door control and safety devices easily connectable.

The electronic control has a USB input that enables to update the firmware, available on the website. It can also be used to store information collected when the door is in operation.

Technical Data with Diagram

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Technical Specifications for SW Swing Automations

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